Valken Gotcha is a low impact game that uses markers to shoot color filled ammo that results in a bright splat.  The ammo is 100% biodegradable, non-staining, non-toxic and is easily washed away with water.  The Gotcha markers are spring powered that do not require any other additional power source like compressed air or CO2.  Gotcha Markers shoot at 110-130 fps.  You can see the ammo in the air and see the gratifying splat as it occurs.


80% less energy at impact than traditional paintball

27% smaller paintball ammo is used (.50 cal vs .68 cal)

50% lower speed than regular paintball

Low Impact paintballs often come in slightly different sizes and that can affect the shot path. In this minute clinic, Valken Minute Clinic Gotcha Hop Up, We show you how you change and adjust the trajectory using the included hop up units in the Valken Gotcha.

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