Gotcha FAQ

Does Gotcha Hurt?

Gotcha is considered "low impact".  The guns shoot at 50% lower speed than regular paintball.  They use ammo that is 27% smaller than normal size paintballs (.50 cal vs .68 cal)  This results in 80% less energy at impact than traditional paintball.

Does the Gotcha Ammo Stain?

No the "paint" is 100% biodegradable, non toxic and is easily cleaned up with water.

Is it Gotcha Safe?

Safety is our number one priority with Gotcha.  

Gotcha is NOT a toy, and safety MUST always be used whenever handling the product. Gotcha is intended for ages 9+, and kids under 18 require adult or parental supervision

Practicing and understanding safety guidelines and rules for handling product and engaging in game play will keep everyone safe and happy. Take the time to read and understand all cautions, warnings, and operating manuals before using any Gotcha gear or accessory.

What is the Age Group?

Gotcha is an active shooting game rated for 9+, and kids under 18 require adult or parental supervision

How fast do the gotcha guns shoot?

The Gotcha Guns shoot up to 100 feet at 110-130fps

Can the guns be fixed?

Yes the guns can be rebuilt.   We have parts and springs available to purchase separately.


Gotcha Gun Parts List:

Gotcha Gun Assembly and Maintenance:


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